22/09/2021 - 30/09/2021

New & Previous Work - Painting & Sculpture

Ben Wilson - Retrospective I Correspondances

The Hoxton Gallery will host Correspondences, a Ben Wilson Retrospective. The exhibition, curated by Chiara Famengo, will guide the public into the art journey of Ben Wilson, best known as the Chewing Gum Man, from his very beginnings to the recent evolution of his practice.

Encompassing giant wood installations, assemblages of litters, tiles transformed into intimate diaries, canvas, among others, Correspondences, a Ben Wilson Retrospective will display a very vibrant and heterogeneous body of work. It will portray Wilson as more than a Chewing Gum Man that acts and reacts to the diverse materials he encounters. He works “with what is already there”, no matter at what scale or substance.

In this light, accompanying the exhibition will be a series of artistic “interventions” in the Shoreditch neighbourhood. With a period of subversive activity in the run-up to the event, likewise, during the event itself, the artist in collaboration with the curator will create new artworks (chewing-gums and tiles) while connecting with the local urban area and its community.


Hoxton 366 City Road, London, EC1V 2PY