03/09/2022 - 03/10/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Bianca Hlywa - Residual Yeast

Fri-Sun: 12-6pm

"A wet life lays fermenting in pungent fluid. 200 kilos of indiscernible organic mass; a recumbent body-politic leavening billions of active microscopic beings. Symbiotic Culture Of Bacterial Yeast [SCOBY] grows first as a skin on an air-liquid interface, becoming tougher, thicker and fermenting into a beige and gelatinous microbial slab over time. This five month old colony of yeast and bacteria is etched with the metabolic cuneiform of anonymous symbiotic intimacies. Whilst SCOBY is used predominantly to create the popular fizzy probiotic health beverage Kombucha, this fleshy slab is sewn to a grid made up of webbing structures and attached to a drum at the highest point physically supported."

Residual Yeasts have congregated with other symbiotic cultures to make this exhibition possible through funding and support from the Canada Council of Arts, The Arts Council England, Robert Mcelod, Andrew Dixon, Gerard Ortín Castellví, James Green, Evie Chien and the Bird Gardens of Scotland.


Deptford 186a Deptford High St, SE8 3PR