10/11/2021 - 22/11/2021

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Brushes with Greatness 18 Artist Group Show - Into the Cosmere

INTO THE COSMERE, an exhibition exploring fantastical, alien landscapes and the world builders who create them.

Brushes with Greatness brings together a collective of emerging and established artists from the UK, Europe, and North America, whose art explores the emotional potential in altering our perceptions of natural order and universal law.

Using paint, print, pencil, sculpture and material design, the featured artists present atmospheric, topological, geological, and ecological perspectives which change our understanding of reality, providing portals through which we can step into another place. Alien planets, different dimensions, astral plains, altered laws of science; this collection of art provides the same capacity to lose ourselves in our own imaginative experiences, as science fiction and fantasy writers present in the worlds housing their structured narratives.

Artists - Anna S Woodward, Benji Thomas, Charlotte Kidger, David Harrison, John Collett, Joe Grieve, Kora Moya-Rojo, Kris Lamba, Laura Wormell, Ofelia Botella, Olivia Mansfield, Olivia Mundy, Orlando Marosini, Ozlem Thompson, Raffael Bader, Rebecca Gilpin, Russ Rubin & Suhaylah H.


Shoreditch 188 Shoreditch High Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6HU