01/06/2022 - 08/06/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Brushes with Greatness present Joe Grieve - Somewhere Near Perception

Somewhere Near Perception presents Joe Grieve’s most recent series of abstract landscape paintings.

"Grieve has been questioning what makes something holy, recognising his closest experience to this ideal is immersion in nature. Embracing, capturing, and projecting this feeling has become the starting point in much of his work. Amalgamations of real and imagined places, his paintings oscillate between abstraction and representation, allowing viewers to remember familiar places, engaging personal memories and experiences of the natural world.

To enhance his heavily layered and textured multisensory vistas, the exhibition is supported by an original composition by John Collett, and rich aromas of the wild. Making the memory evocation of Grieve’s paintings even more palpable."


Shoreditch 4 Garden Walk, EC2A 3EQ