5 - 8pm, Tuesday 28th Mar


BWG Eleven Artist Group Show - Visions of Healing

Visions of Healing brings together 11 women artists: Ava Haggas, Genevieve Leavold, Lara Cobden, Lorna Sinclair, Michele Fletcher, Mary West, Ofelia Botella, Olivia Mansfield, Suahylah H, Simona Orentaite and Yiwei Xu.

A diversely talented group of painters, each of whom visually manifest the healing potential of immersion in the wilderness. Stylistically unified through impressionist and expressionist ideals, each artist intuitively weaves a naturalistic connection, responding to rhythms of the natural world through process.


Marylebone Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam St, London W1W 6JJ