09/06/2023 - 31/05/2024

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

BWG Gallery Fourteen Artist Group Show curated by Juliet Wilson - MISE-EN-SCÈNE

By appointment: [email protected]

Cavendish Venues & BWG Gallery’s exhibition Mise-en-scène, collaboratively curated by Gallery Director Jack Trodd and Curator Juliet Wilson, brings together 14 artists:

​The term ‘mise-en-scène’, directly translated to mean 'setting the stage', is commonly used to refer to set design and arrangement of actors in scenes for a theatre or film production. Mise-en-scène has, in film criticism, been called the "grand undefined term" (Timothy Corrigan, 2015). It has been criticised for its focus on theatrical or dramatic design aspects rather than the plot itself, as those who utilise ‘mis-en-scène’ tend to look at what is "put before the camera" (Brian Henderson, 1976) rather than the story.

Marylebone Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam St, London W1W 6JJ