6 - 9pm, Thursday 2nd Feb


BWG Gallery Twenty Three Artist Group Show curated by Jack Trodd - Two by Two

Daily: 10-7pm

BWG Gallery presents a large-scale group exhibition of twenty-three artists who celebrate the mysteries of the animal kingdom within their practices. It examines humanities relationship with nature throughout history, considering how other species have unwittingly sustained our nutritional, emotional, religious, artistic and scientific needs and desires, whilst encouraging a return to a more symbiotic connection with our planet and its fellow inhabitants.

Artists: Andrea Gomis | Becky Tucker | Benji Thomas | Billy Bagihole | Darcey Murphy | David Harrison | Henrietta MacPhee | Giles Walker | Harry Rudham | Hira Gedikoglu | Irena Posner | James Dearlove | James Mortimer | Jiwon Cha | Julia De Ruvo | Karina Eibatova | Layla Andrews | Marina Renee Cemmick | Niall Campbell Strachan | Rene Gonzalez | Salvatore Pione | Selby HI | Valerie Savchits

A part of the sale price of the works sold in this exhibition will be donated to animal welfare and conservation charities Celia Hammond Animal Trust and the RSPB.


Shoreditch Morrell House, 98 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3AF