04/05/2023 - 10/06/2023

Contemporary - Multi-Disciplinary

Carolina Aguirre & Christopher Stead - GHOST NOTES

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

Told through the lens of two transient tourists from two very different lands, Ghost Notes meditates on lost futures and yearning for connections within the spectral space of isolation and otherness. Nesting between parallels and heterotopias of deviance, we are invited to find kinship with the ungraspable.

With a shared affinity for the care of discarded and unwanted matter, both physical and psychological, Aguirre and Stead’s practices weaves together gleaned detritus and mined materials, turning vice and sorrow into virtue, reimagining Fold Gallery into a chamber of regional, cultural, and collective memory. Both earthy and digital, organic and industrial household waste, electronic wires, and construction netting are sung into other-worldly harmony with pulsing audio waves, forgotten footage and mineral pigments.

Heightened by internalised post-pandemic and post-Brexit socio-political isolation, the slow cancellation of the future, a desire to connect with foreign lands, and questions around belonging are fictionalised into stories whispered through immersive installation, sculpture, painting and video. Ghost Notes presents alternatives, escapes and riddles that, by dwelling in the underground and the unseen, allow us to get lost and reconnect.


Fitzrovia 158 New Cavendish St, W1W 6YW