28/01/2022 - 26/02/2022

New Work - Painting

Cecilia Granara - Brittle Stars

Sapling presents Cecilia Granara’s solo exhibition and her London debut. The Paris- based painter arrives in the UK after solos in Paris and Milan and in the wake of a flurry of attention, her paintings illustrated on the front page of the Figaro during FIAC 2021.

Granara uses painting, drawing, writing, and installation to explore self-fiction, poetry and symbolic iconography. She draws on cultural attitudes to sexuality and bodies, using colour as a vehicle for emotions. For this exhibition, she has created a new body of work that employ iconographic and emotive cues to reach through eyes of the viewer into the heart and the gut.

The title “Brittle Stars” makes reference to nature and ancient symbolism: a sea creature with five spindly legs emerging from a central circular node, itself a symbol of the Ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky, Nut, who bends backwards on her hands and feet to bridge the stars and earth. Like all starfish, a brittle star regenerates limbs when they are lost.


Mayfair 124 Mount Street Mews, London W1K 3NR