25/05/2023 - 08/07/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Charles Avery - The Nothing of the Day

Wed-Sat: 11-6pm

"Charles Avery’s exhibition begins with a work in the form of a poem, presented in the gallery’s window space. In short, oblique vignettes, the narrator describes a series of events taking place on the Island over the course of a single day, which are also detailed in the six paintings (Avery prefers the term ‘pictures’) that hang in the gallery’s interior, alongside numerous poster designs promoting aspects of the Island’s culture, and a large sculpture featuring containers of blown glass eels and other, more exotic creatures, whose gleaming bodies feel somehow realer than real.

The sense of temporal continuity evoked in the poem appears to be a new departure for the artist. Hasn’t he long maintained that the Island is a place that operates outside of time as we commonly understand it? That events, here, may be spatially remote, but do not exist in a chronology? Now, it seems that something like history is being made. Or maybe not. Perhaps the old woman in blue — entering stage right, exiting stage left — is an eternal harbinger, perpetually ushering in an apocalypse until her hour comes round at last."


Mayfair 2 Bourdon Street, London W1K 3PA