6 - 10pm, Thursday 15th Aug

Private View

Charlie Oscar Patterson - Lisztomania

The term Lisztomania comes from a phenomenon in the 1800’s when audiences of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt were said to be crazed when Liszt would start playing the piano. In broader terms it has come to signify a complete obsession with music and its maker that Porter aims to channel through this new body of work.

These works rather than being an interpretation of piece of music should be viewed in the same way we listen to music. Porter is attempting to convey his own music but can not play an instrument, so the paint has become his instrument and the complete paintings his music.

The construction of the frame could be compared to the composing of a score, then the painting to playing the piece out loud for the first time.

Shoreditch 31 New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EY

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