6 - 9pm, Thursday 16th Dec


Cherry Kearton and the Birth of Wildlife Documentary - With Nature and a Camera

Cherry Kearton was an early pioneer of nature film photography and documentary film. Born in 1871 in Thwaite, Yorkshire Kearton travelled the world becoming one of the foremost chroniclers of natural history subjects. Cherry specialised in animal photography, taking the first ever photograph of a bird's nest with eggs (1892) and later the first pictures ever taken of lions in their native haunts (1909).

He has been cited by Sir David Attenborough as an influential character in his own journey to becoming a wildlife documentarian.

This exhibition will be the first of its kind, exhibiting breathtaking photos of the early 1900s which have been developed from the original glass film slides. Limited edition prints shall be sold in order to raise money for Fauna & Flora International to help protect what precious wildlife we have left.

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