23/02/2023 - 14/05/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Chiizii - Ogoni 9

Tue-Sun: 12-6pm

In 1995, a group of activists (Ken Saro-Wiwa, Saturday Dobee, Nordu Eawo, Daniel Gbooko, Paul Levera, Felix Nuate, Baribor, Barinem Kiobel, and John Kpuine) known collectively as the Ogoni Nine were killed by the Nigerian government after protesting the exploitation and degradation of their land by British oil companies.

Ogoni Past (2020) commemorates this event with images of the activists protesting oil drilling. Depictions of water fetching, boating and a water prohibition notice highlight the breakdown of the healthy connection the Ogoni people once had to water. The flag of Ogoniland and a layered background illustrate the lush vegetation and rainforests native to their land, which have all been subject to exploitation.

Ogoni Future (2020) imagines what leisure and land restoration could look like to the Ogoni people. The collage depicts fresh water, boats filled with palm fruit, coconuts and palm trees. The Fresh Air package signifies cleaner air, with surrounding images of people diving and playing in celebration.


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