6 - 9pm, Saturday 29th Feb

Opening & Artist Talk

Chooc Ly Tan - Crepuscular Dreams of (Dis-)Alienation [7pm talk]

Join curator Cédric Fauq and artist Chooc Ly Tan in conversation on the opening night Saturday Feb 29th at 6-7pm at Banner Repeater, where they will be in discussion about the work in the exhibition: 'Crepuscular Dreams of (Dis-)Alienation.'

Chooc Ly Tan is a French-born Afro/Vietnamese/Cambodian artist and DJ who works across video and sound to find an experimental cadence within the personal histories, found footage, and political undertows that inform and inflect the Afro-Asian diaspora, in the face of on-going colonialism(s).


Hackney Downs Platf 1, Hackney Downs Railway Station Dalston Ln, E8 1LA