6 - 9pm, Wednesday 11th Mar


Christian Hidaka, Tom Howse & Nick Jensen - The Stage More Beholding

The title of this exhibition – the first at Frestonian Gallery for each of the three artists exhibited – is derived from a treatise by the English philosopher Francis Bacon (1561-1626) not on art but on love.

The phrase itself specifically relates to the way in which ‘the stage’ may separate out the sirens and the furies – sharpening and
refining the qualities of comedy and tragedy that blur so indistinctly in life.

Within each of the paintings on display there is both a refining of the notion of the clearly ‘staged scene’, and also a celebration of the
ambiguity of ‘real life’ – of the nature and sensation of memory and narrative.


Latimer Road 2 Olaf St, W11 4BE