6 - 8pm, Thursday 7th Oct


Christopher Page - Shadows & Reflections

In Shadows & Reflections, Christopher Page deepens his investigations into the effects of light on surfaces and the dialogue between pictorial and architectural space. He conjures a psychologically and philosophically charged exhibition through a dyadic suite of paintings, comprising unnervingly blank ‘mirrors’ on the one hand, and colourful paintings of framed ‘paintings’ on the other.

Both series are illusions—entirely flat, oil-painted canvases masquerading as joinery, glass, passe-partout, light and shadow. And yet, these paintings are not trompe l’oeil in the traditional sense. These are hard-edged compositions of ‘colour fields’ that look as much to Modernist abstraction as they do to Baroque illusion. In Page’s hands this combination has a distinctly digital air.


St James's 44 Duke Street St James's, SW1Y 6DE