11 - 6pm, Friday 12th May

Short Run Show

Claire Barrow - Victim of Cosmetics

Claire Barrow (b. 1990, UK) is pleased to present Victim of Cosmetics, a solo exhibition showcasing her new body of works presented in a repurposed office space in London Fields. Open for two days only, the exhibition comprises a series of multi-media paintings and sculptures which assemble into a zombie-commercial shop display of textiles, metal, pigment and sand.

"Concealing, blending and building up on her past in the fashion industry, Barrow guts the materiality of commercial beauty to explore the patterns of its entrenchment in our needs and identities. Taking the cosmetic bag as an abstracted blueprint of desire, she stretched its skin – a bag’s layout and the fabric of its lining – into a type of shrine, the offering of a holy garment flipped inside out. Sloganeering with the online language of self-realisation gleaned from the Kardashians and Pinterest, her paintings are coated in resin, plastered with pigment and spray, framed with metal zips and mounted on metal display units and ring lights like reflective obstructions. In their mischief, one built of the same denial that allows internet culture to turn anything into a joke, Barrow’s works are, as if, sad to mock the power of sanctity."


London Fields 47 Martello St, London E8 3PE