28/07/2022 - 24/08/2022

New Work - Collage

Collin Sekajugo & Kaloki Nyamai - Layered Histories

Tue-Sat: 11-7pm

Gallery 1957, London, is proud to present an exhibition of new multimedia works from recent artists in residence, Collin Sekajugo (b. 1980, Uganda) and Kaloki Nyamai (b.1985, Kenya). The exhibition coincides with both artists’ national participation at the 59th Venice Biennale, 2022 (Uganda and Kenya National Pavilions, respectively).

Showing works created in residence with Gallery 1957, Collin Sekajugo interrogates the subject of identity across his work, exploring socio-cultural, political, and economic issues that afflict ethnic, class, and other identities. These images inspire a sense of disorientation in order to unsettle preconceptions about familiar identities, and to produce new and more accepting understandings of difference.

Drawing on the stories his grandmother recounted and his own lived experience, Kaloki Nyamai explores how identity and the perception of the self is inflected by the past and present. He works with multiple media, layering each work with rich textures that reveal figures and abstract forms, which serve as an antidote to the singular narrative of History that is taught as the definitive account of Kenya and its people.


High St Kensington 1 Hyde Park Gate, SW7 5EW