25/11/2021 - 07/01/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

COMBO - Our Home / دارنا

COMBO (aka Combo Culture Kidnapper) is an artist born in 1989 Amenies, France to a Lebanese-Christian father and a Moroccan-Muslim mother. Having graduated from Villa Arson in Nice, his work began with graffiti around the French Riviera.

Combo's work is always an expression of his humanistic ethos, a call for understanding as well as taking risks to convey strong messages combined with his travels around the world. For example, he infiltrated the forbidden area of Chernobyl to post advertising posters denouncing nuclear energy in relation to the anniversary of the accident at the Fukushima Plant.

Combo's North African cultural roots mix with a European consciousness, gifting him with an unusual perspective that is reflected in his artwork. With this particular installation, he tackles the social and political environment, taking the observer into a space of familiar and unfamiliar iconography that reference the duality of the diasporic culture.


Southwark 51 Surrey Row, Unit 2 La Gare, SE1 0BZ