12 - 5:15pm, Friday 11th Oct

Research Forum

Conceptualism and Materiality. Matters of Art and Politics

This conference celebrates the publication of Conceptualism and Materiality: Matters of Art and Politics.

The aim is to underscore the significance of materials and materiality within Anglo-American Conceptual art, as well as conceptualism more broadly. It challenges the notion of conceptualism as an idea-centred, anti-materialist enterprise, and highlights the political implications thereof.

9:15am - Registration
9:30am - Christian Berger: Introduction

Panel II: Other Materialities
9:45am - Magdalena Moskalewicz [Art Institute of Chicago]
Formula and Factory: Jan Chwałczyk and Jerzy Ludwiński’s Highly Material Conceptualism
10:10am - Larisa Dryansky [Sorbonne Université, Paris]
Another Matter: Antimatter and the Dematerialization of Art
11:15am - Tea & Coffee

Panel II: Materiality and Communication [Chair: Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra, Birkbeck College]
11:45am Niko Vicario [Amherst College] - The Matter of Circulation: Teletype Conceptualism, 1966-1970
12:10pm - Zanna Gilbert [Getty Research Institute, LA] - Marginal Media & Manual Multiples. Edgardo Antonio Vigo’s Conceptual-Artisanal Aesthetic
1:15pm - Lunch

Panel III: Materials and Affects
2:45pm - Yoshiko Shimada [Independent Researcher, Tokyo]
Matsuzawa Yutaka and the Spirit of Suwa
3:15pm - Tea & Coffee
3:45pm - Luiza Nader [Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw]
Conceptual Affects: The Love Discourse of Zofia Kulik’s Letter from Milan (1972)

4:45pm - Closing Remarks
5:15pm - End

Tickets: £25.00 (Concession: £15.00 )


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