11:30 - 5:30pm, Saturday 3rd Aug


Continuing The Legacy Symposium - Lost Legacies of the British Black Panthers - Continuing the Legacy

Symposium will include include intergenerational conversations exploring topics of BBP legacy, anti-racism, activist strategy, cultural activism, and archiving. The day will conclude the day with music and food.

11:30am Welcome Tea & Biscuits

12:00p Morning Meditation, Memory, and Memorial Walk Intentional memorial walk down Railton road to visit key BBP sites and closing at the Darcus Howe Memorial Tree - Led by artist/curator Barby Asante

1:00- 2:15pm Legacy Discussion: Former British Black Panthers Share Their Stories Former British Black Panthers Brother Hurley Armstrong (Minister of Self-Defense and Security), Sister Lorna Cole (BBP Saturday School Teacher), and others share their experiences and reflections - chaired by curator Mattie Loyce.

2:30pm Exploring the Past and Present of Cultural Activism: Guests: Ajamu X of rukus! Archive, Teju Adeleye of George Padmore Institute, Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski of Remembering Olive Collective, AH of Voices That Shake!. Chaired by archivist and artist Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski

4:00pm Intergenerational Discussion on Activist Strategy: Long Table Guests: Kennedy Walker of KINfolk Collective, Professor Nigel de Noronha, Sisters Uncut, artist and activist Ekua Bayunu, Sara Bafo of GARA (Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action). Facilitated by Nadine Chambers.

5:30pm-9pm Music and the Movement: Dinner + Listening Party Guests are invited to bring music that inspires them and has inspired movements throughout history. 198 will provide sounds system and organise a loose 'b2b' offering guests the chance to play.

Herne Hill 198 Railton Rd,, SE24 0JT