01/09/2022 - 08/10/2022

New Work - Painting

Cristian Avram - Lapse

Tue-Sat: 10-6pm

The exhibition will display a new body of works by the Cluj-Napoca based artist in which, through the depiction of quotidian occurrences, he attempts to reconcile the incongruity of daily life.

Presented in Lapse will be a series of paintings depicting desolate landscapes and domestic interiors, where human presence is felt through the shadows and reflections of people and the seemingly insignificant objects they have left behind. Allowing glimpses of the outside world to enter his domestic spaces through windows and apertures, Avram’s works are imbued with a sense of anticipation that the ennui of the monotonous daily routine might be at the brink of interruption.


Fitzrovia 50 Mortimer Street, W1W 7RP