10/03/2022 - 12/12/2022

Late C20th-Recent Work - Sculpture

Damien Hirst - Natural History

Tue-Sat: 10-6pm

"I wanted a shark that’s big enough to eat you, and in a large enough amount of liquid so that you could imagine you were in there with it." -Damien Hirst

Gagosian is pleased to present Natural History, the first-ever exhibition dedicated to Damien Hirst’s groundbreaking works employing formaldehyde. The exhibition—part of Hirst’s takeover of the Britannia Street gallery—will survey more than twenty of the most iconic examples, dating from 1991 to 2021.

Embodying his ongoing drive to bridge the gap between art and science, the Natural History series includes a variety of preserved animals, such as sheep, doves, a zebra, and even a “unicorn”—some of which are bisected, sliced into cross sections, or flayed. This exhibition, which features works spanning a thirty-year period, gathers many of these works together for the first time.


King's Cross 24 Britannia St, WC1X 9JD