12 - 9pm, Wednesday 16th Sep

Day Opening

Dana Lixenberg, Charles Avery & Karen Russo - The City & The City & The City

The show brings together together the work by three leading international artists with distinct visions of the urban.

Dana Lixenberg’s series Imperial Courts (1993-2015) documents a Black and Latinx community in a public housing project in Watts, Los Angeles, an underserved corner of the city that remains near invisible to LA’s wealthier citizens.

Charles Avery presents a suite of drawings and objects detailing life in the imagined city of Onomatopoeia, capital of a nameless island. The panoramic drawing Untitled (City Wall market scene) (2020) depicts a teeming market place in the shadow of Onomatopoeia’s towering ramparts, which is both a site of economic activity and – in the spirit of the ancient Athenian agora – intellectual exchange.

Karen Russo explores ‘Tet-Stadt’, an unrealised plan for a Neo-Egyptian civic paradise to be built outside Hannover, commissioned by the German biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen in 1917. Part historical fantasy, part sci-fi fever dream, this utopian city anticipated darker visions of the urban, not least those of Adolph Hitler’s favourite architect, Albert Speer.

Latimer Road 2 Olaf St, W11 4BE