6 - 8pm, Tuesday 23rd Nov


Daniel Crews-Chubb - Humanoids

Timothy Taylor is delighted to announce Daniel Crews-Chubb’s (b. 1984, Northampton, UK) second solo exhibition with the gallery. Bringing together new paintings and drawings, Humanoids navigates the material and mythological world the artist has explored for many years.

The Humanoid paintings, seen for the first time here, break with the painterly illusion of the painting’s two-dimensional surface. A sculptural, abstract approach to the figure replaces the organically curving creatures seen in Crews-Chubb’s larger paintings; Crews-Chubb carves lakes of paint and sand away from the canvas, using absence to define silhouettes of figures at the center of his canvases.

The exhibition is also accompanied by a series of study drawings for the Humanoid paintings in which figures seem to assemble themselves before our eyes.


Mayfair 15 Bolton St, W1J 8BG