09/06/2022 - 09/07/2022

New Work - Sculpture & Print

Daniel Hosego & Rebecca Stevenson - Modern Baroque

‘Modern Baroque’ is a contemporary take on the Baroque, its drama and its exuberance, explored through the work of two London-based artists: Daniel Hosego and Rebecca Stevenson.

Daniel Hosego looks at European art’s traditional fascination with Classical culture and transposes it into a 21st century context, replete with mobile phones, selfie sticks, billionaires, and the COVID virus. His works begin as finely detailed ink drawings that have echoes of Albrecht Durer but with a comic-book crispness and a baroque effusiveness, images he then scales up into unique screenprints on Perspex in slick Pop Art colourways.

Rebecca Stevenson’s sculptures reinvent baroque Vanitas, the memento mori so popular in the early modern era as a reflection on mortality and the transience of earthly things. Game birds, flowers, fruit, skulls: Rebecca reimagines them all in glorious technicolour as a cornucopia of exuberant flourishes. She works in wax, a medium that for centuries has been related to the body and to the ephemeral nature of flesh, and takes her animal motifs from Old Masters painters such as Jan Weenix and Jan Davidsz de Heem.


Angel 354 Upper St, N1 0PD