18/02/2022 - 12/03/2022

New Work - Photography

Daniel Naude - The Bovine Prophecy - Xhosa Cattle on the Shore of the Wild Coast

"As if meeting us from the sea, patiently awaiting our arrival, we encounter them. Mythical. Majestic. These beasts seem to occupy a space and time that is beyond our conception.

The creatures we encounter in this body of work by Daniel Naudé are forceful reminders of our complex relationship with the animal world. Over a period of ten years, Naudé travelled to the beaches of the Wild Coast, South Africa, to photograph the indigenous cattle that frequent these shores.

The process called for patience, with Naudé scouting the area, waiting for a particular animal to be in just the right place at the right time. The release of the camera’s shutter would signal that moment when Naudé would, after careful consideration, transform animal into image.

As with his previous work, a delicate stillness permeates this photographic encounter. The weather and the effect of light on the landscape, as well as the temperament and composure of the animal, are all taken into careful account."


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