7 - 8:30pm, Friday 8th Oct


Daria Blum at The Averard

Daria Blum (*1992, CH) writes and produces soundtracks and songs for her multimedia live performances. Through video, live monologue and song she embodies different roles which express the humor and tragedy she finds in unremarkable occurrences and common, shared experiences.

The Averard Hotel- with its countless layers of history provides a fertile setting for the artist’s recent experimentation with doubling and multiplication.

Love, loneliness, and friendship are themes that Blum continues to explore in new atmospheric soundtracks, making reference to exuberant hyperpop and to melodic ballads.

It is nearly impossible to enter the Averard and not feel drawn into the past. For Blum, the musty smell reminded her of a place of particular significance in her development as a performer: her mother’s ballet school in Switzerland in an old industrial building with huge mirrors, dressing rooms filled with costumes, a grand piano, and multiple sound systems.

We see and hear an intimacy in this new cycle and an acknowledgment of a need that resonates with a broader collective sentiment, enhanced by repeated lockdowns.

This one-night-only event is sure to evoke those long-harboured feelings in us all—and is not to be missed.


Lancaster Gate Averard Hotel, 10 Lancaster Gate, W2 3LH