6 - 9pm, Saturday 19th Feb


Daria in Semper Aeternum - Machinochrome Dreams

The event will also launch a special edition cassette featuring the original score for ‘Ecce in Semper Aeternum’ composed by Charlie Dobney.

Through their recent work, both artists have attempted to manifest imaginary spaces beyond individual realities, the confines of their homes and their immediate surroundings. While Morlæ’s film ‘Ecce in Semper Aeternum’ stems from a desire to exist in contaminated spaces and carefully crafts a visionary dreamscape, Blum’s work relies on spontaneously recorded phone footage and soundtracks that she composes in order to dramatize casual occurrences and cyclical feelings of loneliness, euphoria, joy, and frustration.

Blum recently started releasing a collection of songs and soundtracks, written and recorded over the past two years, through which she has developed a distinct visual and performative language. Her live shows contain tightly choreographed video, dance, live monologue and song. In ‘Daria in Semper Aeternum’ Blum presents her latest performance, with an additional response to Morlæ’s work by sampling and remixing elements of his film and its score.

Bethnal Green 223 Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 0AL