25/11/2021 - 06/12/2021

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Daria Moria, Giorgio van Meerwijk, Hyunmin Kim & Ilona Balaga - Thanks for Sharing!!

Thanks for Sharing is a group exhibition, featuring the works of four artists sharing a studio together. The show explores the inevitable process of sharing knowledge as an artistic practice, and the unconscious mutual influences they are now discovering in their work; reflecting in their thematic inspirations, materialistic effects and changes in processes.

The artists examine diverse yet related matters, such as the creation of narratives, dramatisation, spirituality and ecology. The works in the exhibition are tied together by both the practical and meta-physical processes that occur within the shared studio space. As the studio becomes a living ecosystem, the works hold passive or unconscious learning, carrying the exchange of energy and thoughts of all four artists, with the chance of reverberating onwards (in the world) by others.


New Cross 54 New Cross Road, SE14 5BD