09/09/2023 - 01/10/2023

Contemporary - Drawing & Painting

David Bray - Everything

Wed: 11:30-5:30pm; Thu-Sun: 1-6pm

"‘Everything’ shows a selection of drawings from the past two years, from a continuing series or diary-cataloguing museum visits. I say museum, but is also Galleries, libraries, bookshops, and record shops – museum gives me the self-illusion of something academic and learned. It’s an excuse to head back in to the city and experience a bit of city life and is a great counterpoint to sitting in fields and painting nature. It’s a gateway to coffee shops too."

From fine art illustration, Acrylic Paintings depicting Mythological Neolithic, Pop, Abstract Landscape to his very own satirical and observational cartoons. A genuine powerhouse in the art department on that we can all agree.


Greenwich 9 Turnpin Lane, SE10 9JA