6 - 9pm, Friday 13th Dec


David C. West - Lets Take Over Studio 73 with Politicians and Dictators

It’s Britain’s Political Election Time, let’s celebrate Dictators, or did I mean Politicians? Same difference innit? Yeah I’m not sure! Ah well it’s an artist take over of Studio 73 so yeah better include a few Dictators, sure there will be a crossover, perhaps even a bit of cross-dressing. Well I guess Gaddafi did his best at cross-dressing, you wouldn’t like to see him cross.

Talking of cross-dressing let’s dress up, stick an image of a Dictator and a Politician on the front and back of ten T-shirts especially designed for this Artists Takeover of Studio 73, stick them in the windows and hey presto you have an Art Exhibition, or did I mean Dictatorial Take over? Better ask Bush & Blair about that.

Anyway you decide, is Saddam Hussain bad is George Bush Good? Is Tony Blair Bad and is Gaddafi Good? But we all know Kim Jong-un is Cute Cheese eating and Cuddly, the three C’s, or should that be Crazy Curvy and Cretinous? Ah well you decide.


Brixton 73 Brixton Village, SW9 8PS