22/04/2023 - 01/10/2023

Contemporary - Immersive

David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)

Mon-Wed 9:45-9pm; Thu-Sat: 9:45-10:30pm

'Using large-scale projection in a remarkable new space, David Hockney takes us on a personal journey through sixty years of his art. Lightroom’s vast walls and revolutionary sound system enable us to experience the world through Hockney’s eyes.

In a cycle of six themed chapters, with a specially composed score by Nico Muhly and a commentary by the artist himself, Hockney reveals his process to us. His voice is in our ears as we watch him experimenting with perspective, using photography as a way of ‘drawing with a camera’, capturing the passing of time in his polaroid collages and the joy of spring on his iPad, and showing us why only paint can properly convey the hugeness of the Grand Canyon. We join him on his audio-visual Wagner Drive, roaring up into the San Gabriel Mountains, and into the opera house by means of animated re-creations of his stage designs.

From LA to Yorkshire, and up to the present day in Normandy, the show is an unprecedented opportunity to spend time in the presence of one of the great popular geniuses of the art world still innovating, still creating beauty and awe.

“The world is very very beautiful if you look at it, but most people don’t look very much. They scan the ground in front of them so they can walk,   they don’t really look at things incredibly well, with an intensity. I do.”'

Tickets: £32.50 (Concession: £22.50 )


King's Cross 12 Lewis Cubitt Square, N1C 4DY