5 - 9pm, Thursday 10th Oct


David James - AUTOMATTER

Final show of a trilogy that examines life, loss and rebirth by renowned British artist, David James.

In AUTOMATTER David James delves into the subconscious mind through his practice of automatic drawing and oil painting.

During the past 10 years the artist developed a method of drawing that continues the spirit of automatism pioneered by André Masson. The result is a collection of thousands of drawings and a small number of monochromatic oil paintings that are based on a selection of these drawings.

Digital printing is used to enlarge the drawings to ‘guarantee the immediacy and quality of the line’ in the original drawing. The prints are over painted with layers of gesso and oil paint and then wiped away in various stages to create the monochrome tones and textures that make up the three dimensional forms in and of the paintings.


Whitechapel 46 Ashfield St, London E1 2AJ