6 - 9pm, Tuesday 6th Sep


David Matthew King - I Used to Turn on all My Friends

I USED TO TURN ON ALL MY FRIENDS finds King building upon his new text-based works that draw from songs, poems and short stories he has written over the last decade.

By selecting lines, fragments and strings of words that seem inherently contradictory yet synchronically convey a range of meanings, the artist experiments with the mutability of language as well as its visual capabilities.

The name of the series – blue notes – evokes this duality with its airy and free musical connotation contrasted by its literal confinement of mainly blue words within the frame. The artist stuck to his distinctive palette made up mostly of the primaries. Notes are crafted in meticulously hand-painted blue characters intermixed with spatially whimsical individual primary-coloured letters.

Soho 15 Bateman St., London W1D 3AQ