6 - 8pm, Thursday 9th Jun


Davinia-Ann Robinson - Distinction between felt flesh

‘distinction between felt flesh’ is a site-specific performance and exhibition, examining the process of extraction that Bodies of Colour and natural resources experience in colonial environments and enactments of Presencing to evoke moments of restoration outside of a colonial lens.

The performance and exhibition will take place at San Mei Gallery over six weeks. Davinia will process, clean and filter gathered clay from specific local and national sites where she has experienced colonial violence and disabled presence and filter the clay through pillowcases which hang from the ceiling to make site specific clay sculptures. The sculptures will outline impressions of the artist's body formed through pressing onto beds of clay, leaving indentations and momentary residues of these interactions.

Soundscapes made onsite, through registering the intensity of Davinia's body pressing onto and engaging with the clay will playback poetic text examine intimate moments of corporeal connections to land and moments of disabled presence.


Brixton 39a Loughborugh Rd, SW9 7TB