26/02/2023 - 25/03/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Deborah Segun - Where Is My Mind?


The title Where Is My Mind? purposefully chosen by Segun comes from a strong need of being at one with mind and body – a life-long search for harmonious balance within one’s self. In other words, a continuous journey toward self-realization.

Her previous exhibition was about learning to love and understand one’s self, and it appears that in many ways, this body of work continues that thread. Segun herself says: “The world can be so overstimulating sometimes. There’s a constant sense of chaos and our experiences can sometimes present themselves in behavioural traits that either act as a form of protection or serve as a blueprint for how we respond to future experiences.”

For the viewer, the works seem to emanate a sense of peace and comfort. It would appear that art is the answer for Segun to find solace in our world. For Segun, painting comes from a need to “be at one with the mind and body, [to have] a continuous search for harmonious balance within one’s self. A journey towards self-realization.”


Farringdon 51 Little Britain, EC1A 7BH