14/01/2023 - 17/03/2023

Contemporary - Photography

Denisse Ariana Pérez & Hemali Khoosal - Pouring into Myself

Wed-Fri: 12-7pm; Sat: 11-6pm

Doyle Wham are excited to announce their first exhibition of 2023, Pouring into Myself: a joint presentation of Denisse Ariana Pérez and Hemali Khoosal.

Water is central to the practice of these two groundbreaking female artists, offering a fluid point of connection across the mediums of photography, watercolour and oil painting. The movement and potency of water, in terms of its ability to reflect, erase and renew, is a shared source of inspiration for both Khoosal and Pérez, who are equally fascinated by the relationship between water and the human experience.

Seven photographs are exhibited from Denisse Ariana Pérez's monumental project and photobook, Agua. Born in the island nation of the Dominican Republic, Pérez feels an affinity with water that has led her to pursue its capture across the world, from Senegal to Scandinavia.

In dialogue with these works, three new large-scale oil paintings and a series of watercolours by Johannesburg-born artist Hemali Khoosal receive their global debut at Doyle Wham.


Shoreditch 91A Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY