17/06/2022 - 29/07/2022

Recent Work - Painting & Collage

Derrick Greaves - From Shangri-La to the Walled Garden

From Shangri-La to the Walled Garden includes paintings, watercolours and collages made during the last 15 years. The climax is a group of large-scale paintings made over the last two years that are an exhilarating assertion of the extraordinary inventive energy of this major figure in British Art.

James Hyman explains:
“We are proud to have represented Derrick Greaves for twenty years. In 2007, Lund Humphries published a major monograph on the artist and that same year, in honour of the artist’s 80th birthday, we staged a threepart chronological survey of his work. At that time, Derrick was keen to emphasise that he was still exploring, still inventing, still as excited as ever by what he discovered in the studio each and every day. He was, rightly, concerned that the book and exhibition should not appear too final, that there were more chapters to come. I’m delighted that each exhibition since then has been inventive, distinctive and different; an assertion of Derrick’s extraordinary creativity. This latest exhibition, held in celebration of Derrick Greaves’ 95th Birthday, is again different, again exciting and even includes a new painting that is still wet! Derrick, we wish you a very Happy Birthday!”


Mayfair 48-50 Maddox St, W1S 1AY