2 - 4pm, Saturday 30th Nov


Dhuwarrwarr Marika, Bulthirrirri Wununmurra & Nawurapu Wununmurra - By the Stars, Wind & Ocean Currents

By the Stars, Wind & Ocean Currents garners the notion of reciprocity inherent in the term ‘exchange’ or trade between the monsoon coast of northern Australia and the Indonesian archipelago. This is the first in a series of exhibitions to be held in 2020 about a counter-history of cultural exchanges by contemporary artist networks in the region.

The ‘open archipelago’ has passed from living memory but grave sites, rock art, ceremonies and recollections of extended families survive. Powerful artworks and actions continue to draw attention to this history. To some, including academic Regina Gantner, “The telling of the Macassan stories has become an act of resistance. It refuses to allow a government decision to sever the link to Macassar, Timor and Sama Bajo places.”

In By the Stars, Wind & Ocean Currents, the powerful bark paintings, larrakitj, prints and works on paper by Dhuwarrwarr Marika, Nawurapu Wununmurra and Nawurapu's daughter Bulthirrirri Wununmurra, draw upon this fascinating counter-history.


Potts Point 8 Llankelly Pl, Potts Point NSW 2011