27/04/2023 - 27/05/2023

Contemporary - Sculpture

Diana Puntart - Historical Re-Anachronism, Ultima Romanus

Sat only: 10-4pm

Historical Re-Anachronism, Ultima Romanus is a solo exhibition of new works by Diana Puntar, Artist-in-Residence at Eltham College since September 2022.

Puntar will present sculptural works made of wood, carved synthetic substrates, epoxies, Jesmonite, various other materials and finally painted with oil paint. These painted and glazed “pickle” parts have a ceramic-like quality while the structures in which they are imbedded appear to be made of aged and/or decaying wood. Porcelain-like plate parts decorated with current and colonial era slogans, symbols, dates, and references jut out of the forms.
This body of work was inspired by Puntar’s research into American colonists turning their home goods into agitprop, a form of social resistance embodied in an object; after they were heavily taxed by the British monarchy to stop communication and trade. She is particularly interested in the ‘Pickle Tray’, an ornate tiered porcelain dish used to serve delicacies to guests, hiding anti-monarchist adages that were revealed as guests selected a treat. A discreet form of rebellion embodied in a gorgeous sculptural object.


Mottingham Mottingham Lane, SE9 4RW