09/01/2023 - 05/02/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Diana Savostaite - Going Back to My Roots

Thu-Sun: 12-5pm

For the first exhibition in 2023 in the Viewing Room Diana Savostaite (Studio 5-236) presents new large format shaped paintings.

"Diana’s artworks are inspired through the observation of surroundings, being in the moment, absorbing everything that she sees, hears, or feels. Diana spent her childhood in Lithuania exploring the natural world and her creative practice is strongly linked to experiencing nature and feeling it through the senses of the body.

Over years, Diana’s practice has evolved through experimenting with different mediums, textures, and canvas shapes. She spends a lot of time sketching irregular canvas shapes, compositions, and then building them in the studios."


Woolwich Harrington Way, SE18 5NR