24/11/2022 - 28/01/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Diane Howse - Zigzaggery

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

Fluorescent yellow, lilac, crimson, taupe; duck-egg blue, bottle green and sable; these colours jostle against one another in this exuberant group of recent works by Diane Howse. Completed over the course of the past two years, the works are a mixture of oil paint and oil stick layered, blotted, smudged and scraped onto both handmade paper and canvas.

For Howse, the physicality of the above practices are the means by which the final image is ‘excavated’ from the materials. She does not use sketches or preparatory works, and is not drawing directly from images or environments; instead, she finds her source material within her process. As colour is added and scraped back using fingers and brushes, fragmented planes and sweeping lines emerge from the viscous layers of pigment and paper buckles under the weight of colour.

In some works, colour appears to straddle liquid and solid states, as painted paper and canvas begin to resemble a calcified oil slick. In others, stick and brush are used to scratch and dapple, rather than melt the colours together: less liquid crystal, more technicolour undergrowth.


Shoreditch 62 Old Nichol St, London E2 7HP