7 - 11:30pm, Wednesday 2nd Nov

Launch Party

Digital Art Launch - New Mycelium Network

Launch party for New Mycelium Network, a collection of music x art collaborative digital artworks.

The project, called ‘New Mycelium Network’, is inspired by the networked roots of fungi. It takes collaboration as a jumping off point for imaginative and creative departures in difficult times.

Artworks by:
Ellie Pritts X Kate Simko
Saeko Ehara X Xiaolin
Yoshi Sodeoka X MYMK
Damien Roach X Keith Tucker
Sky Goodman X Quantum Sonics

Presented at Aures, a 270 degree immersive space located in the Waterloo vaults.

Waterloo 18 Leake St, London SE1 7NN