11/01/2023 - 11/02/2023

Contemporary - Installation

Dominic Beattie & Melania Toma - From The Rattle

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

FOLD is pleased to present From The Rattle; a two person show by Dominic Beattie and Melania Toma.

Through the act of shaking hands, we are capable of producing rhythmic and repetitive sounds evoking new signs and alphabetic horizons. The rattle’s sound marks the beginning of ceremonies or encounters: It is an answer to inhabit a new, raw, elemental and potential space.

The new work created for this exhibition opens up a conversation between forms inhabiting the gallery; proposing intimate ways to answer to this atavic rhythm and research the kind of worlds we could or should inhabit.

The works inhabit the gallery, conceived as a sounding board for the rhythm of the rattle, are crafting tangible ways of shaping and repairing the worlds we will be ready to inhabit, they want to inform new meanings and shine new light on our relationship to the world.


Fitzrovia 158 New Cavendish St, W1W 6YW