17/09/2022 - 28/11/2022

New Work - Painting

Dorothea Stiegemann - Insiders

Wed-Sun: 10-5pm

CASSIUS&Co. presents Dorothea Stiegemann: Insiders, the Berlin-based artist’s second solo presentation at the gallery. An illustrated catalogue with text by curator Beth Greenacre will be published alongside the exhibition.

Insiders is an exhibition of meticulous, intimate paintings based on ultrasound scans of the inside of the female body. The scans might have been taken during pregnancy or illness, but that is not for the viewer to know. Instead they are images of an inner world in the most bodily sense of that term, painted with a delicacy that makes the forms diaphanous and closer to the open structure of dreams. They have the unfathomable innerness of Piranesi’s prison etchings, but they are not fictitious; they are deeply personal and real.

These are paintings that are based on sound rather than sight, and in their darknesses can be seen cavernous halls, swirling oceans, stained-glass windows, spines, bridges and tiny, beating hearts. Their final unknowability, their secrecy, leaves them open to a vastness of readings, and in the end they are paintings about who, exactly, gets to know the meaning of images.


Knightsbridge 63 Kinnerton Street, SW1X 8ED