09/06/2022 - 06/08/2022

New Work - Photography

Doug and Mike Starn - Can’t, Won’t, Don’t Stop

HackelBury Fine Art is pleased to present ‘Can’t, Won’t, Don’t Stop’, an exhibition of new work by Doug and Mike Starn. The Starns have been working conceptually with photography for over 30 years. This series of work sees the Starns returning to some of the techniques which they pioneered in the 1980s when they explored the three dimensionality and physicality of photography and combining the more recent inclusion of painting. This body of work also continues the Starns’ fascination with the passage of time. They make visible aging process and deterioration of the material with which they work and examine how the meaning of what was created or conceptualised changes with time.

The exhibition is made up of two contrasting but interconnected photographic bodies of work, Seascapes and their monumental sculpture series – Big Bambú, reflecting the central belief in the Starns’ work that everything in life is interconnected, interdependent and in constant flow.

The Starns grew up on the coast of New Jersey. The ocean has long held a fascination for them as it is always changing but always the same. The Starns see an innate connection between the Seascapes and Big Bambú photographs as they reflect the dynamic forces of nature and the progression of time. They describe the construction of the Bambú as “taking the form of a cresting wave, we’re constructing a slice of a seascape (like our photographs), a cutaway view of a wave constantly in motion”. D+M Starn


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