28/04/2022 - 20/05/2022

New Work - Painting

Duncan Wood

Browse & Darby is delighted to announce their upcoming exhibition of works by Duncan Wood.

The exhibition will consist of small scale landscapes and still lifes worked on over the last ten years. Duncan Wood has been recognised as a subtle colourist of landscape, the figure and still life. He uses elements of figuration and abstraction together, to pay a particular homage to Nature.

In explanation of his ethos, the artist quotes a section from John Berger’s essay, ‘Steps Towards A Small Theory of The Visible’ (1996), in which Berger wrote … ‘The modern illusion concerning painting (which post-modernism has done nothing to correct), is that the artist is a creator. Rather, he is a receiver. What seems like creation is the act of giving form to what he has received.’

‘[I see myself] as part of a long lineage of thinkers, writers, artists, and scientists, that place ‘Nature’ as their first teacher, rather than ‘Humankind’, as we come from Nature and not the other way round … as ingenious as we often are.’ – Duncan Wood


Mayfair 19 Cork St, W1S 3LP