12 - 8pm, Friday 9th Oct

Late Opening

Edel Assanti Offsite - Oren Pinhassi - The Crowd

Edel Assanti presents an off-site exhibition of ten new sculptures by Pinhassi at St Cyprian's church over the course of Frieze week.

The Crowd is comprised of a group of freestanding sculptures which on first impression channel bodies: looming just above human height on spindly legs, their slotted torsos are suggestive of ribcages; protrusions here and there resolve in the composition as feet, breasts, or buttocks; holes widen on their surfaces like eye sockets; panes of glass recede into the shade of an arch like featureless faces. These initial cues give way to a pattern of erotic transmutation in which object, architecture and body flow seamlessly into one another in borderless free association.

The spectacular Victorian church presents a dramatic context for a new body of work created by Pinhassi during his Outset Residency in London this summer.

Baker Street St Cyprian's Clarence Gate, Glentworth Street, NW1 6AX