07/09/2023 - 21/11/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Eight Artist Group Show curated by Griselda Pollock - Medium & Memory

Tue-Sat: 10-5pm

HackelBury is delighted to be hosting the group exhibition Medium and Memory curated by art historian and contemporary art writer Griselda Pollock.

Artists: Christine Taylor Patten, Benjamin Hannavy Cousens, Judith Tucker, Asel Kadyrkhanova, Sutapa Biswas & Bracha L. Ettinger

Medium and Memory stages four conversations pairing eight artists from different countries, generations, ethnicities, and personal histories who all share a deep engagement with the materiality of their media—painting drawing, moving image, photography and photo-collage—while focussing on memory—personal, historical, cultural, suppressed, discovered, restored.

Putting a still resonant, modernist medium-consciousness into tension with a post-modern sense of responsibility to ‘the burden of history’, these artists explore an ethical dimension in contemporary art—a refusal to forget—and the potential of contemporary art for aesthetic transformation of traumatic legacies of war, famine, genocide, colonialism and de-industrialization as well as the memory-effacing effects of the digital age.


South Kensington 4 Launceston Pl, W8 5RL